NSP DCsurfX, 10'0

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The Surf X 10' boards have evolved through a demand of riders seeking performance and fun in smaller waves. With less rocker in the nose and more in the tail, the 10’ x 27 Y2 is the full performance model.  The 10' designs deliver performance longboarding style and feature a broadened nose, performance bottom contour and tail with lower rails. Hang ten, cross step back to the tail and carve the wave into submission. The 10' is so popular it has its own competitive SUP surf division in Australia.


  • SecureCell  EPS CNC hand finished foam
  • Vacuum bonded SLX (super light epoxy)
  • Vectornet flex control rails
  • Bamboo veneer deck
  • Pro level tri-density deck pad
  • Slick matt hand finished rails and speed hull
  • FCS compatible fin boxes
  • Ledge handle
  • Eva traction pad includes kick tail
  • Performance RTM fins

Dimensions: 10'0 x 27" x 4 1/4"  126L