JK Surfboards 8'6 Epoxy Funboard

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Our Super Fun Board surfboards are designed for all surfers. These models feature a squash tail married to hard-edged rails at the tail.  Choosing your fin configuration with the 5-fin or thruster setup and featherweight epoxy resin construction provides surfers with ample speed and sensitive control whether on the tip, over the lip, or in the tube. Designed and shaped by our experienced shapers for those who like pushing the high performance envelope on a longboard.  The two epoxy models are thruster fin set ups.


* Material: EPS blanks and Epoxy resin
* 2 6oz fiberglass deck and 1 6oz bottom
* Matte Finish 
* This board comes with a thruster setup and 3 fins
* 100% hand shaped and/or hand finished

Length: 8’6” (Clear)

Width: 23”

Thickness: 2.8”

Volume: 59.9 liters