JK Wafer, 6'5

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This is a short and stout rounded pin groveler. Our team riders who wanted a board that was easy and loose in the smaller surf, so we designed the Wafer. They also wanted a board that catches waves like boards a foot longer. Remember that foam and float is your best friend with this board. All Wafers come with 5 fin Futures fin setup.

Construction Material: Polyurethane

  • US Foam blanks + High grade of 6oz. + 4oz. top and 6oz. bottom Poly Resin, with carbon fiber/Kevlar vector net tail patch
  • Sanded Finish with color
  • This board comes with 5 fin setup with Futures fin boxes and 3 Futures fins
  • 100% hand shaped and/ or hand finished

Length: 6’5” (Neon Green)

Width: 22 ”

Thickness: 3”

Volume: 49.5L



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