NSP Cocoflax Hooligan,8'4

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The NSP CocoFlax Hooligan is an aggressive high-performance longboard that breaks the rules with quick and dynamic carving.  Traditional style for intermediate to advanced surfers.

CocoFlax Hooligan design incorporates the responsiveness of a narrow shortboard tail and rail profiles to create a longboard that carves unlimited lines and hits the lip.

An advanced surfer will appreciate the loads of hollowed V under the feet to give quick rail-to-rail turns.

Take your NSP CocoFlax Hooligan out and show off all your surfing skills with a dynamic shortboard approach to rail to rail carving, then switch modes for classic nose riding and traditional longboard style.

Use a small single fin for small surf then add side biters and larger center fin as wave size and power increases.

Bring out your inner surf hooligan, break down the traditional surf style rules and mix things up on the wave with an aggressive modern and classic style!

Dimensions: 8'4 x 22" x 2 7/8"  61.3L