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What's more spectacular than a perfect set of waves on a warm sunny day in SoCal? Well until you need to perform an emergency repair on your board, there are few things that can rival such a beautiful day. We are proud to introduce the Board Raxx surf board portable shaping rack. Designed by a seasoned surfer for those who are looking for a better, more comfortable way of caring for their board.

Prop your Board up like the Pro's with the BoardRaxx Portable Shaping Rack which allows you to shape, laminate and work on your board like never before - or just use it to show off your board! The portable shaping rack folds up to fit in your closet or car trunk and is a quality made product of the U.S.A.

Built to protect your board from any damage & stable enough for you to make on the spot repairs on most common beach terrain. Portable, accomodating of large & small boards - the Board Raxx System will prove to be the most useful addition to your surfing gear.

About Board Raxx:

Spending the past few decades in the water in my spare time making surfing an integral part of both my children's life (my daughter Allison in the picture to the right) as well as my own, i've always sought to enjoy even the simplist things. From shaping boards to figuring out a portable way to hold them while waxing and even on to making racks for my boards for multiple vehicles - surfing & everything associated with it is a large part of who I am.

Using my experience as a Master Welder, and the logic that comes with being a father - I believe in putting common sense to good use behind an excellent work ethic. The results speaks for themselves through the products we put out. Everything is made by me, right here in the USA, no cheap products from China, only quality items. Around here, "good enough" just doesn't cut it.