Geckobrand Waterproof 30L Tarpaulin Dry Bag Cooler

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  • Great for kayaking, boating, stand up paddle, sporting events and more
  • Tough & durable 500D tarpaulin material
  • Insulated to keep ice cold for 12+ hours (time will vary based on weather conditions)
  • 2 adjustable straps to carry over a shoulder or to use as a backpack
  • Dimensions: 19.5"h  x 11"diameter (when closed)
  • To close,  align the top two edges, roll down tightly at least three times, secure by turning the buckle towards you and clicking it closed.  Adjust the shoulder straps for optimal fit.
  • The dry bag is not intended for use as a floatation device.  The success of the bag depends on proper closure and protection from sharp objects.  Inspect the bag before each use for punctures or tears.  We recommend testing the dry bag prior to each use by filling with air, closing properly and squeezing to deterimine if air releases.
  • Geckobrands is not responsible for damage caused to the contents of the bag.

About Geckobrands:

One of the 8 brands from Blueoco, LLC, geckobrands provides and protects your valuable gear so that your can FULLY enjoy ALL of your outdoor experiences in ANY condition or environment.  The core of geckobrands is our differentiated and high value waterproof products, but we also have expanded the brand into complementary outdoor categories such as coolers, day packs and beach totes.  We continue to introduce dry bag technology to new categories and segments, such as beach, surf, boating, stand up paddle, theme parks, golf and team sports.

Headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI, Blueoco, LLC is committed to creating new demand for its retail partners by using a strategy filter and category action plans to bring products to the market positioned to SELL.  Whether you are a consumer or a retailer, we are confident that geckobrands will help improve your level of performance and enjoyment.

There is no such thing as BAD WEATHER... only BAD GEAR.