Hanging Wall Storage Sling - Kayaks, Paddle Boards

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  • Easy to install and will hold any size Kayak, SUP or Paddle Board.
  • Comes in a nice carrying pouch so you can keep your slings organized when not in use.
  • Sturdy construction and capable of handling any weight.
  • EASY to use. Just slide on and hook and you are ready to go!
  • Recommend hanging each sling about 4 ft. apart. Hardware included.


About COR:

Fourteen years ago, a lonesome 6’2 Joel Tudor surfboard sat precariously against the wall of COR owner and founder Andy Gossett’s apartment in Seal Beach, California and later sparked a need for a surf rack that was then unavailable. The racks were not designed to accommodate anyone’s home décor or their pocketbooks. He knew his brand new acid splash singlefin deserved better than PVC pipes and black Styrofoam pads.
A simplistic affordable classy design was the ticket, so Andy created this custom surf rack from sustainable wood as well as other specialty products designed for surfers. Andy knew he had unearthed a need once his friends were requesting his newly created surf racks and strangers were asking where they could purchase one. Fast-forward 13 years later and COR Surf continues to make headway through the outdoor industry as now the largest supplier of surf and Stand Up Paddle racks in North America. COR continues to grow through not only SUP and surf racks, but also other specialty products that are designed with surfers and watermen/women in mind, are multi-functional and will last through all of Mother Nature’s elements.
From the original wooden surf rack, to bike racks, waterproof bags, and many more accessories, COR now features over 18 products and growing with new items launched every year—all made from sustainable products.  Much like the green logo’s image displays rock balance COR emphasizes life balance through effective simplicity when creating their products.
COR is made up of a tight knit group of outdoor-loving individuals who all surf, enjoy traveling, exploring and thoroughly testing each and every product. While most of the group’s activities fall under extreme sports, like surfing and paddleboarding, COR people appreciate and enjoy all types of outdoor activities. No matter the weather, COR people are always finding something to explore outside.
COR is quickly becoming the leader in outdoor accessories while supporting rad people and causes and is excited for future adventures that bring everyone together…outside.