NSP Protech 9'0

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The Protech Longboard is part of the refreshed NSP Longboard range: A perfect addition to any surfers quiver and an exceptional shape for the recreational surfer, looking to fast-track their longboarding skills. The NSP Protech Longboard is a proven classic.

The best selling longboard range in the world in an all-new technology.
The best in versatile longboard performance, utilizing technically advanced construction with secure cell EPS core and green epoxy resin, ecoboard certified by Sustainable Surf. 
It’s an evolved shape that lends itself really well for swooping bottom turns, high trim lines and drop knee cutbacks.
New sharper rails in the tail, modern performance rocker combined with mellow V bottom blended with a subtle double concave.
Continuous refinements make the NSP Longboard easy to trim on the wave and dynamic when riding off the tail.

Included: 8" center fin, 2ea M3 twin tab fins

Dimensions: 9'0 x 22 3/4" x 3" 73.2L