QuiverGrip 2.0

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The days of stacking and hanging your boards are gone! QuiverGrip is a new solution to an age-old problem.   Installs in minutes, lasts a lifetime!

 QuiverGrip works by gently holding your surfboard in place with a slight amount of “squeeze” from the outer body while the soft rubber teeth of the inner core provide the perfect amount of grip. This perfectly designed blend of materials allows for flexibility, and grips your boards safely and securely -allowing you to store your board with complete confidence.

Our patented Q-Rail lets you customize your storage capabilities to your personal needs. Each Q-Rail can hold up to 4 QuiverGrips, and comes with perfectly spaced, pre-drilled holes, to fit any surface.

 Simply slide your QuiverGrips into the Q-Rail and you have a fully expandable system to keep all your boards safe and secure!