Wetsuit Changing Mat | Waterproof Surf Mat And Bag

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Did you know changing out of your wetsuit on the concrete shortens the life of your suit. Take care of your gear and get the COR Surf changing mat. This is a super tough, waterproof changing mat - Perfect for changing out of your wetsuit and leaving in your car. Can be washed down - Won't leak if damp wetsuit is left inside

    • Doubles as a Bag, Draw String and Barrel Lock Closure
    • Converts to Wet bag.
    • Protects Wetsuit from Sand and Dirt.
    • Built to Last.
    • Strong PVC-Poly Fabric

Dimensions: Laying flat, the Changing Mat measures over 38" in diameter. If you tighten the drawstrings slightly it creates a sort of wall to help keep wet suit arms, legs etc from flopping onto the dirt. In this position it is still about 26" in diameter.