Universal 4 Anchor Deck Rigging Kit

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Deck anchors with adhesive backing and bungee cord to secure items like a PFD or your screaming baby to your board.

Compatible with virtually any board! Each kit includes a 36" bungee and deck anchors with 3M dual adhesive backing for any surface. Now you can bring all your favorite items and the kitchen sink! Let's Go Paddle!


  • Open and Closed options: One end of the anchor is open so you can slip the bungee on and off. When your board is taking a rest let the bungee loose and save the bungees life. Use the closed end if you might be going down the river and the last thing you want is an escape for all of your gear to fall out when the bungee slips. 
  • 3M adhesive: built to hold anything. 3M is the authority in sticking stuff together. Just don't let it fall on your leg hair. Results are like a hot wax without the hot. 

Hot Tip: Install the anchors with all of the closed anchors towards the center ensuring your bungee is secure in those anchor points. Leave the last cover on the open end so you can unhook one end and release tension on the bungee. It will prolong the life of your bungee.