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History of UP Sports

Pete BrockThe history of the “UP” brand is diverse and deep, formed in 1972 by Pete Brock as “Ultralite Products” for the singular purpose of manufacturing hang gliders. Within a few short years Pete built the company into the largest hang gliding company in the world, and developed the sport of long distance hang gliding competition. He then left the company due to the exposure and liability associated with hang gliding, and returned to the automotive industry where he was instrumental in the design of the Corvette Sting Ray and Shelby Daytona Cobra.

In 1980 Japanese investor Yuseke Yamazaki and George Follman, a champion hang glider took over the brand forming “Up Sports, Inc.” The UP factory is established in Orange County California, producing high performance gliders, ultra lights, wind surfing products and other related sports equipment which are shipped worldwide. As times

Hang Glider

 changed the company evolved into what can now be described as a watersports retail operation primarily serving the stand up paddleboard, surf, kayak and spear fishing clientele of the greater San Diego area and beyond.

After more than 35 years as Up Sports, Inc., in January of 2017, founder George Follman decides it’s time to retire. He tells us, “I’m the luckiest man alive, I’ve been helping people have fun for so many years, I feel like I’ve never had to work a day in my life.”

Today at UP Sports

Eric Alden, Martha Alden











Hi all, My name is Eric Alden, my wife Martha and I are the new owners of UP Sports here in Oceanside. My love for the ocean and all forms of recreation that go with it have been a lifelong pursuit of…fun!! Surfing, paddling, fishing, snorkeling, spearfishing, body surfing, you name it, I love it. So what better way to spend my “golden” years than serving up fun for an incredible community like Oceanside. My real job was selling hospital laboratory instrumentation in the western states which involved lots and lots of windshield time, airports, cheesy hotels and worst of all wearing a coat and tie! So now, it’s shorts, t shirts, flip flops and I bring my dog Gus to the shop, life is good! We’ve been residents of Huntington Beach for about 20 years, so the small town beach vibe and lifestyle is what we are all about. We really appreciate the close knit small town feel Oceanside offers, and the friendships that have been made with the men and women of Camp Pendleton. Thank you for the support and welcoming us to your home, we’ll do everything we can to make sure your experience with us is the best!